AutoPay and Skip Pay

Reduce your loan rate... or miss a payment penalty-free.


Cut 0.50% off your new consumer loan rate when you set up automatic loan payments. This discount applies at the time of the loan origination. Funds are transferred on the day of the month you choose to pay your loan, so your payment is always on time.

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Other AutoPay options explained below.

Skip Pay

Skip one monthly loan payment each year  with no penalty!  when you use STCU's Skip Pay service. By budgeting your 12 payments into 11, we let you skip one monthly payment each year. Great for members who need a financial break around the holidays!

AutoPay Skip Pay
  • No-hassle, worry-free payments.
  • Transfers funds automatically from one account to another to pay bills or fund investments on the date you choose.
  • Checks can also be mailed each month. ($2 fee per check.)
  • AutoPay is the best option for those unfamiliar with STCU's billpay.  
  • Available upon request during initial application.
  • Good for auto or RV loans.
  • Prorates 12-month loan payments into a 10- or 11-month payment plan.
  • Worry-free budgeting.
  • Ideal for those not on a 12-month salary payment schedule.

Quick Facts

  • Pays loans automatically
  • Saves time and postage
  • Skip your December payment