Your rights and responsibilities

No surprises! Important disclosures and agreements for STCU members

America has its Constitution. Children have their lists of weekly chores. And STCU has the following disclosures and agreements to help you avoid any surprises.

The following documents explain what you can count on from STCU and what the credit union can count on from you. If there's anything you don't understand, please let us know.

  • Membership and account agreements personal and business
    Your relationship with STCU begins with an explanation of account ownership options, how to access your account information, how we handle certain exceptional transactions, what liability we bear for errors, what communications we pass back and forth, and how accounts and memberships get closed.
  • Funds availability policy
    Did you know that when you make certain deposits to your STCU accounts, the full amount may not be available immediately until we are sure the source of funds is good? This disclosure explains why.
  • Electronic services agreements  personal and business
    This agreement governs the full range of electronic transactions you may perform, or have performed on your behalf. Special terms and certain limits apply.
  • Electronic communications e-sign disclosure
    This document spells out in what cases you'll permit us to present certain account information and disclosures to you electronically, especially when you're in the middle of an digital transaction or other process.
  • Privacy Policy
    We're very serious about our protection of your confidential information. This policy spells out how we assure your privacy.
  • Online moderation standards and expectations
    Whether you're posting on Facebook, commenting on a blog post, or using our other online services that accept user content, we expect you to follow these standards and expectations for everyone's benefit.
  • Mobile deposit services agreement
    This agreement explains member and STCU rights and responsibilities of mobile deposit services. Rules, terms, and conditions for this service apply.
  • Terms for an STCU credit card, an STCU Rewards World and Premier Rewards World, and an STCU business credit card
    There's a lot more to your STCU credit card than you might think. These documents discuss terms for handling various purchases and advances, and covers a number of bonus services you can leverage as a cardholder.
  • STCU Debit MasterCard ATM access for members and for businesses.
  • Business wire transfer agreement
    Business accounts can sign up to send domestic wire transfers from the comfort and security of STCU's online banking. This disclosure outlines the terms and limitations that apply when using this service. Get started by completing the business wire transfer authorization.
  • Terms of use for Apple Pay and other digital wallet services.