Escape the payday trap.

Get an STCU Budget Fit Loan.

Need money fast to help with a budget shortfall? An STCU Budget Fit Loan may be your answer.

The Budget Fit Loan is great for STCU members who:

  • Have a credit history or other debts that keep you from being approved for a traditional loan.
  • Want help to escape the cycle of high-priced payday loans or title loans.
  • Frequently use Privilege Pay to cover your overdrafts and support your budget.

Apply at any STCU branch location.

Or call (800) 858-3750 to learn more about a Budget Fit Loan.

How it works

A Budget Fit Loan makes it possible to cover emergency expenses or to pay off high-priced payday loans, while creating savings for yourself and building positive credit.

  1. Loans from $500 to $2,000.*
  2. Immediate cash of $250 to $1,000, with a matching amount going into your STCU standard savings account.
  3. Repayment terms from 6 to 24 months not due in full like a payday loan.
  4. Current loan rate is 18.00% annual percentage rate(APR), but your rate drops to the low Credit Fit Loan rate once your Budget Fit Loan balance is paid down to the amount frozen in your savings account.
  5. $20 application fee required.
  6. Must be an STCU member for at least 90 days, be in good standing, and have an active checking or savings account that receives payroll deposits (direct or check deposits).

Budget Fit Loan example:

If, say, you needed $1,000 to pay off a high-interest payday loan, an approved Budget Fit Loan would provide you with the $1,000 to pay off the payday loan. Another $1,000 would be deposited into a standard STCU savings account under your name. After you have made 24 monthly payments of $99.68 (based on 18.00% APR), you would have successfully:

  1. Escaped the payday loan cycle!
  2. Paid back your STCU Budget Fit Loan; and
  3. Saved $1,000 plus any earned dividends that accrued during the two years you repaid the loan.

Get a fresh start with an STCU Budget Fit Loan. Visit STCU today!

Want to get your credit in shape? Consider an STCU Credit Fit Loan. A Credit Fit Loan is great for younger members trying to build a credit history, or for any member who wants to restore his or her credit.

*All loans are subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change.