Earn up to 2.53% APY!*

Open your federally insured certificate today.

Open a 48- to 60-month STCU certificate and earn 2.02% APY with as little as $2,000. Invest $25,000 and earn up to 2.53% APY for the same terms.*

Unlike securities, bitcoin, or your brother-in-law's "can't miss" hotdog stand, your STCU certificate is federally insured, so your principal investment is never at risk.

Open account

Open your certificates online!

Log into your online banking account to open your certificates:

  • In your online banking account, click "Accounts," then "Add account."
  • Click on "Certificates" and select the certificate you want to open.
  • Select the term (months or years).
  • Choose to fund your certificate from existing STCU funds or from deposits you have at other financial institutions.
  • Enter the amount you want to invest, and agree to the terms.

Federally insured

STCU certificates are federally insured, so you'll never lose your principal investment.

  • Dividends compound monthly.
  • Additional deposits of $25 per month or more allowed on most certificates.
  • Automatic rate hike if your balance grows to a higher tier.
  • Terms from one to 60 months.
  • Federally insured by NCUA.

Bump your rate

Saving rates have been rising. Open an 18-month bump-rate certificate from STCU and you'll have the power to request a rate hike one time during the term.

Today's rate is 1.36% APY.* Just $2,000 opens your bump-rate certificate, with the option to deposit up to $5,000 per month to build your savings faster.

Lucky 7 months!

Need a temporary place to park your funds? Lucky you! Now you can earn 0.77% APY on select certificates when you save $500 or more for just seven months.*

The benefits of  "laddering"

Laddering your savings can catch higher rates when markets rise and reduce your exposure if rates fall. Simply open a new certificate each week or month, so that you are always catching markets as they rise, smoothing out any drops in the marketing. Plus, laddering makes it easy to get faster access to a portion of your funds without penalty when each certificate rolls over.

New to STCU? Join us today!

Join STCU online and open your certificate with no membership fee. You can also join the credit union by visiting any STCU branch location.

Need help setting up your account?

Call or chat with an STCU member service representative during regular business hours.

*APY = annual percentage yield. Stated rates effective January 16, 2018. Penalty for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings. View all certificate rates