Have you moved? Are you moving?

Notify STCU today of your change of address!

Did you know that changing your address at the Post Office does NOT change your address at STCU?

To avoid lost mail and possible delays in receiving your annual tax statements and other important mail from the credit union, please verify your address immediately with STCU if you have -- or soon will have -- a new mailing address.

Change your address at STCU

Here are two ways to quickly change your mailing address at STCU:

  1. Sign into your online banking account. Click on the "Settings" button at the top right. Choose the "Contact" tab. Edit your home and/or mailing address, phone numbers, or email address. When finished, log out of online banking.
  2. Click here to generate a change-of-address form. Complete the form and sign it. Return the form to any STCU branch location or mail it to STCU Support Services, P.O. Box 1954, Spokane, WA 99210-1954.

Why do I have to alert STCU, too?

For your security, we do not forward sensitive mail just because the Post Office claims it received a change of address. Anyone could attempt to change your mailing address, routing your personal mail to a different location to steal your identity.

A change of address at STCU requires confirmation of your identity at the credit union. Only then do we mail any sensitive documents, such as your year-end dividend and tax statements, to your new location.

If you've relocated recently and changed your mailing address, please take time to complete and return the STCU change-of-address form to verify and change your address. A few seconds is all it takes to ensure that your tax statements or other important mail goes to the right place.