Your dashboard

A one-stop view of your past, present, and future financial life

With STCU's dashboard view of accounts and activity, the first page you see after logging in will often be the only one you need.

  1. Your current accounts and balances.
  2. Online activity from the recent past.
  3. Online activity set for the days ahead.

Configure the dashboard to focus on what matters to you:

  • The "settings" gear icon alongside "My Accounts" lets you choose which accounts to display.
  • The settings gear icon alongside recent and future activity lets you choose what types of activity to show, and over what period.
  • Expand a type of recent or future activity and view details by clicking the down symbol.

Other dashboard features

  • A clock icon appears alongside an account's available balance when pending transactions are affecting it.
  • A bell icon appears alongside an account when an alert has been triggered for it.
  • Touch or click any account row to see its details in the "Accounts" feature.
  • The status of key budget spending categories is shown in the lower right, once they've been configured.


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