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Get an immediate and secure answer to your questions about a loan, account transactions, and more when you use STCU's secure LiveChat instant messaging service.

  • Communicate instantly with a Member Service Representative during business hours.
  • Communicate with peace of mind, knowing that LiveChat is secure.
  • Get quick answers to your questions.

STCU has equipped LiveChat to serve as a secure chat channel. LiveChat lets you relay specific account information to your STCU Member Service Representative without fear of giving anything away to a cybersnooper.

Send us a secure message

If you're an online or mobile banking user, you can send us a secure message any time. When signed into online banking or the mobile app, go to the Message Center to send us a message. One of our knowledgeable support representatives will message back during standard business hours. It's a secure way to communicate with us when it's convenient for you.

Consult our self-service Support Center

Answers to hundreds of members' most frequently-asked questions are available on a wide range of technical and financial topics, when you visit STCU's online
support center. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions currently:

Contact us by e-mail

You are welcome to contact us by email at However, please be aware email is not secure. That's why we encourage you to never transmit your PINs, member number, account balances, or other private and confidential information across email to STCU or any other destination.


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