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There are lots of thing you just can't live without. Why wait for your replacement STCU debit card when you can get one today -- instantly!

If you need to replace your card -- or order a new one for the first time -- visit any STCU branch location and ask for an instant-issue debit card. (Sorry, but business debit cards are not available for instant issue at this time.)

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Q: What is an instant-issue debit card?

A: An instant-issue debit card is just like a regular debit card except that, instead of waiting for 10 days to get it, we print it for you while you're visiting the lobby of any branch location.

Q: Who should get an instant-issue debit card?

A: Any STCU member who doesn't want to wait to replace their debit card, or anyone concerned about their debit card sent through the mail. Instant-issue cards are great for anyone who needs to replace a stolen, lost, or damaged card in a hurry.

Q: If I'm a new member or never owned a debit card, will the branch still issue me a debit card on the spot?

A: Yes, instant-issue cards are great for new members and others who have never owned an STCU debit card. Visit any STCU branch location during regular lobby hours.

Q: Is it possible to get an instant-issue business debit card?

A: No, not at this time. Please contact STCU at the numbers listed in the next paragraph below.

Q: Can I get a replacement debit card without driving to the branch?

A: Yes, if you need a replacement card sent to you, because you live outside the Inland Northwest or do not have access to a branch location, please contact STCU and we'll mail a replacement card to you. Call (800) 858-3750 toll-free, (509) 326-1954 in Washington, or (208) 619-4000 in Idaho. Typical turnaround time to receive your new debit card or PIN is 7 to 10 business days.

Q: Can I get my instant-issue card in the drive-through?

A: No. Please come inside the lobby of a designated branch location during regular business hours.

Q: Does the instant-issue debit card look the same as my old card?

A: Maybe. STCU occasionally changes the design of cards, so your replacement card might look different.

Q: How does the instant-issue debit card work?

A: An instant-issue debit card works just like a traditional debit card at ATMs and millions of stores and websites that honor major credit cards. It's printed at the branch upon your request and issued within minutes.

Q: Is there a long wait to get my debit card?

A: No, typically the process to print a replacement card takes just a few minutes. However, to ensure fastest service, we recommend you avoid arriving Friday afternoon or end-of-month paydays, our busiest times to serve members.

Q: What will the instant debit card cost me?

A: There is no charge for an instant-issue card that has been lost or stolen. A $5 replacement fee may be required for repeatedly misplacing your card or to fulfill your request to replace a card with a newer design.

Q: How do I activate my instant-issue debit card?

A: Your new card will be activated right at the branch, and you will select a private personal identification number (PIN). You can begin to make purchases immediately at your favorite stores or websites, or withdraw cash from an ATM.

Q: Is the instant-issue debit card safe?

A: Yes, maybe safer since you receive your instant-issue card in person at your branch location, eliminating any risk that your newly issued card could ever be lost or stolen in the mail. You get to choose your own personal identification number (PIN) for the instant debit card, then sign the back of your card for further proof of ownership.

Q: Will my PIN be sent in the mail separate from my card?

A: In most cases, your PIN will not be mailed to you. (Exceptions apply for members unable to use the toll-free activation number.) For most members, when you receive your new STCU Debit MasterCard, you will need to call (866) 762-0558 from your primary phone and follow the instructions to activate your debit card and select a confidential PIN. You also are welcome to visit any STCU branch location to activate your new card and to select your PIN.

Q: Is my instant-issue card accepted at the ATMs, stores, and websites?

A: Yes, wherever major credit cards are honored.

When you just can't live without it, get your debit card instantly! at STCU!

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