Loan payment options

More powerful debt management

Making payments on your STCU loans just got easier thanks to new "Classic Transfers."  After choosing the account you want to pay your loan from -- and the loan you want to make your payment to -- you have these four choices:

  1. Make a regular payment. You don't have to look up the standard payment amount or due date -- we've supplied that information.
  2. Pay off your loan. We've calculated the full amount you owe, including any current partial-month interest.
  3. Make a principal-only payment. This option is available when you're already current on your loan, and assures the amount you're paying goes to principal and not to the next month's payment.
  4. Pay some other amount. This option comes in handy if you'd like to make a partial payment now, figuring to pay the rest a little later.

For an STCU credit card payment, your choices include making a minimum payment, paying the statement balance (to avoid finance charges), paying the whole current balance, or paying some other amount.

Like any classic transfer, your loan payment can be set up on a recurring schedule, arranged for some future date, or affixed with a memo line for later reference.

As you enter information on the left-hand side of the screen, a confirmation summary is automatically constructed on the right. Scan down that panel, and if everything looks right, click "Confirm Transfer." Your payment is set!

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