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Protect your online accounts with multiple security options

Great online security makes it easy for you to access your accounts, but virtually impossible for everyone else. That's why STCU offers a combination of protections to provide "multi-factor" security when you access your online accounts.

If you're logging in from an unrecognized computer or mobile device, you can set your login to complete one of three security steps before proceeding — security questions, text security codes, or security token. (Screenshot No. 1.)

Security questions

Security questions are the default security method for logging into STCU online banking. You answer two of the five security questions you configured on your account. The questions are generated randomly and should be easy for you to answer, but difficult for others to find out.

How to change your login security options.

However if you are concerned that a relative or "friend" might guess the answers to your security questions, you can enable either "Text" or "Token" security options described below, and then disable the use of security questions.

Text security

The text security option blends secure access with convenience. When logging in, you receive a random 6-digit numeric code to your text-enabled phone, often within seconds.

How to enable text security code.

But if you're concerned that someone could use your phone to snatch the security code for accessing your accounts, you may want to use security tokens, as described below.

Security tokens

STCU offers two types of tokens: Soft tokens, which are digitally generated, and hard tokens on a physical key fob:

  • Soft tokens are the best option if you have an iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone. With soft tokens, your stand-alone smartphone security app generates a random 10-digit security code that expires every few seconds.
    The security app is provided by STCU's trusted partner, Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile. Additional layers of security on the Entrust app, such as TouchID and personal identification number (PIN) protection, make this the strongest online banking protection. How to enable soft tokens.
  • Hard tokens are best if you don't have an iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone, but you still want a higher level of security protection. We can provide security tokens on a physical security key fob. How to enable hard tokens.

Quick Login and Touch ID®

For devices that support this option, you can access your accounts even faster with a PIN-based Quick Login and Touch ID®. Look for the Quick Login option when you open your STCU mobile app. For many iPhones and other Apple devices, the TouchID option — which allows you to register your thumbprint as a security check —  is offered after you enter your Quick Login PIN.

How to download the STCU mobile app.

Secure login features

Device security (Screenshot No. 2)

To save time, you can register your private computer when logging in to spare yourself from repeating some of the security steps during future logins. If you sell or lose your device, you can "unregister" it online.

Secret image (Screenshot Nos. 3 and 4)

The image and phrase you choose during your first login assures you are at STCU's online banking site — not an imposter's.

Tough passwords (Screenshot Nos. 3 and 4)

STCU requires members to use strong alpha-numeric passwords of eight characters or more.

Security alerts

If any of your security settings or contact information gets changed online, we'll alert you by e-mail immediately so you can confirm that there's been no unauthorized tampering of your account.

Once you're logged into STCU’s online banking, your profile shows a complete history of your login activity, confirming that you're the only one accessing your accounts.

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