STCU Mastercards®

Get 0% intro APR for six months! 7.99%-17.99% APR thereafter.*

Open your STCU Mastercard® today and enjoy 0% intro APR for six months on everything you buy during the next seven billing cycles. After that, your rate will be 7.99% to 17.99% APR.* (Applies to nonrewards cards only.)

There is no catch to this deal. Just genuine member benefits!

Plus, you can transfer your high-priced loan and credit card balances from other financial institutions to your STCU Mastercard, lowering your cost of old debt and consolidating your balances into one, easy-to-manage account.

Open your STCU Mastercard and get 1.90% intro APR on your balance transfer for 12 months, with no balance transfer fee! After that your rate will be 7.99% to 17.99% APR!*


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NOTE: This introductory rate is available to our members who do not yet have an STCU credit card. Standard purchase rates will apply to your remaining balance after the introductory periods ends. See our highly competitive rates!

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Fraud text alerts!

Get real-time text alerts when suspicious transactions are identified on your STCU Mastercard. Free fraud text alerts allow you to respond instantly to verify whether the transaction is valid, helping prevent fraud right away. Enroll now 

Passport Unlimited

Every STCU Mastercard comes with Passport Unlimited®,with instant savings built right in. Passport Unlimited is an exclusive deal offered to STCU members. When you choose your STCU Mastercard, participating restaurants, stores, and entertainment companies will give you up to 50% off, or a complimentary second entrée -- instantly! There's no annual fee and no limit on how many times you can receive your Passport Unlimited discount. More

See the current list of participating Passport Unlimited merchants. Products and services offered through Passport Unlimited are not endorsed or vouched for by STCU. STCU accepts no liability in connection with their use.

Low interest rates

Your STCU credit card rate will depend on your creditworthiness, but may be several percentage points lower than the competition.

STCU credit card features
Credit line $500
Current annual percentage rate (APR) click here
24-hour telephone banking access Yes
24-hour cash machine access Yes
Free traveler's insurance Yes
Auto rental insurance Yes
Automatic overdraft protection Yes
Personal identity theft protection Yes
Cardholder inquiry service Yes
Travel assistance services Yes
Emergency card replacement service Yes
Annual fee No

More balance transfer deals

If you already own an STCU Mastercard, you might save money by transferring high-cost loans and credit card balances from other financial institutions to your STCU Mastercard. Click on the link to your card:

Cash advances

Access your available credit with a cash advance from STCU branch locations or ATMs that accept major credit cards worldwide. You can also call STCU's 24-hour telephone banking or use STCU's online banking to transfer an advance right into your checking account. (Subject to cash advance fees.)

Avoid overdrawn balances

Set your credit card as automatic overdraft protection for your STCU checking account. (Subject to cash advance fees.)

Activate your card

Need to activate your STCU Mastercard? Activate it online or call (888) 691-8661, then select your PIN by calling (888) 891-2435.

Digital wallet

STCU credit cards support Apple, Android, Samsung Pay, and MasterPass. More

Report a lost or stolen card

To report a lost or stolen STCU credit card, call the credit union at (800) 858-3750.

*APR=annual percentage rate

Fraud protection

Fraud monitoring

For your protection, STCU's fraud monitoring service may call you if unauthorized use of your credit or debit cards is detected. Fraud monitoring calls originate only from one of two numbers: (877) 276-3721 and (866) 518-0213.

Fraud text alerts: For free text alerts when suspicious transactions are identified, register here