Member-to-member transfers

Pay friends using an account number, e-mail, or cell phone

Sending funds to a friend or relative used to required that you know their 10-digit STCU account number.

That's still an option but now, with new member-to-member transfers, it's not your only choice.

Start on the Classic Transfers page, click the "Add recipient" button, and select "At STCU." Then:

  1. Enter the last name of the STCU member to whom you want to send money.
  2. Click the left-hand "Account number" button if you have the 10-digit destination account number. This is the surest way to get funds to a particular account.
  3. Choose the center "Phone number" tab if you know the recipient's cell phone number. He or she needs to be an STCU online banking user with that cell number registered.
  4. Choose the right-hand "Email" tab if you know the recipient's e-mail address. He or she needs to use STCU online banking, and the e-mail address must be registered at STCU.
  5. Enter the data (account number, phone number, or e-mail address) that's appropriate.
  6. Supply a nickname for the destination account.

Click OK, and the new destination account appears in your Transfer To list, sporting the nickname you specified. Perform your transfer as usual.

Where do the funds land if you use a phone number or e-mail address? Our system will look first to see if the recipient has a checking account. If not, we'll look for a money market account. If neither, then a savings account. We'll deposit the funds into an account in that order. In any case, a message will be sent to the recipient, notifying him or her where the deposit was made so that the funds can be moved, if necessary.

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