STCU Money Market Accounts

Easy-to-access accounts earning market rates of return

Open an STCU Money Market Account online for quick access to your money and dividends that keep pace with changing financial markets.

There is no minimum opening deposit on a standard STCU money market account, but you'll earn higher dividends when your account balance reaches greater tiers of savings.

  • Dividends compounded monthly.
  • No service or monthly fees.
  • 24-hour online and ATM access.
  • Unlimited deposits or withdrawals in person, by mail, or Quick Drop.
  • Up to six transfers, including checks, per month.
  • Free STCU Deluxe Specialty or Deluxe Exclusive checks if you're 55+ with direct deposit.
  • Federally insured to $250,000.

Open your money market account today at any branch location or from your online banking account!