STCU online banking

STCU's online banking is free to every member for 24-hour access.

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Online banking provides secure access to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, view your checks and debit card transactions, and much more. Consult the features list below for details on how to maximize your STCU online banking:


Features What you can do
Personalized dashboard View your online banking activity from one screen. More 
Your accounts Review account details, transactions, statements, downloads. More
Open new accounts Open checking, savings, or certificate accounts.
Mobile deposit Deposit checks anytime with your mobile device. More
Better credit card visibility Payments and advances display as "pending."
Credit card balance transfers Move high-cost card balances to your STCU credit card.
Quick transfers Just four clicks to move funds between accounts! More
Loan payments Make principal-only, partial, or balance payoff payments. More
Member-to-member transfers Transfer with just an e-mail address or cell number. More
Savings goals Set a goal, watch the progress. More
Budgeting simplified Don't need Quicken anymore to track your spending. More
Account alerts New security alerts watching guard over your accounts. More
Login security Accounts protected by secret questions, anti-phishing image, and multi-factor authentication. More
Secret fraud protection Behind-the-scenes fraud detection of unusual activity.
Mobile app Download the mobile app, with features such as mobile deposit you can use on the go. More

More great stuff to come

STCU's online banking gets better every year. We'll let you know when important upgrades are made.