STCU's online banking

Account access from home, office, or mobile device

STCU's provides free, easy, and secure access 24-hours a day to your accounts from any computer, laptop, or mobile device connected to the Internet.

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  • 24-hour account information. At work or play, you can check your account balances round-the-clock.
  • View checks. View front-and-back images of your cleared checks.
  • Access electronic statements. No more waiting; just go online to retrieve your statement.  Sign up for e-statements and we'll send you an email to alert you when your month-end statement is available online, while reducing the risk of confidential files getting lost or stolen in the mail.  
  • Transfer from one account to another. Moving money between any of your savings and checking accounts only takes a couple of clicks of your mouse. Make a payment on an STCU loan. You can even get a cash advance by transferring available funds on your credit card to one of your other accounts.
  • Transfers between other members or non-STCU accounts. Moving money to friends or family or other financial institutions is quick and easy.
  • Credit card balance transfers. Do your own credit card balance transfer to save money. Takes a couple days to set up, but you can move your high-priced bank and department store cards to your low-cost STCU credit card without having to call or visit in person. 
  • Free STCU billpay. Paying bills online is simple. Set up a list of payees. Then when it's time to pay your bills, you go into online banking, choose the payee, and indicate the amount of the bill. Set up biller invoices to be displayed within the service, too. 
  • Set up alerts. Have online banking send you an e-mail or text message when your balances crosses a threshold you set.
  • Send and receive secure messages. Ask the credit union questions about your membership or accounts without the security concerns typical of regular e-mail.
  • Mobile deposit. Download the mobile app to deposit a check from almost anywhere, without having to visit branch location or ATM.
  • Order checks. Log on to online banking to submit your check order, and expect your checks in 10-14 business days. The nominal charge for new checks is automatically deducted from your account.
  • Stop payment on checks. If your checks are lost or stolen, you can stop payment easily within online banking.

Make sure to consult the minimum system requirements and other frequently-asked online banking questions at STCU's Support Center.

*Some features unavailable on the STCU mobile app. Learn more

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