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Things you might want to know about STCU's online banking 

After we introduced a new online banking system in May 2014, some members wondered what had changed and how they could report any problems. The frequently asked questions below may help:

What went away?

The new online banking system is such a great improvement you may not have noticed the elimination of four features:

  1. Certain rare, one-off recurring transfers, such as those set to occur on certain weeks of the month or days of the week. If you had automatic transfers set up for, say, every second and fourth Thursday, you should consider changing it to the 9th and 25th of the month to avoid any confusion.
  2. Personal reminders that could alert you to an anniversary and so on.
  3. Login challenge codes, which were replaced by your secret questions.
  4. Scanned eBills, but only in future months after we update our billpay system.

What information was transferred to the new system?

The bulk of your existing account information and settings were automatically moved from the old to the new online banking system, including: 

  • Accounts and two years of transaction history.
  • Account nicknames you had set up.
  • Future-dated or recurring transfers already set up. 
  • Billpay arrangements, such as payees and future-dated payments.
  • Member-to-member transfer arrangements you had saved.
  • Any accounts from other financial institutions that you had linked to STCU accounts.

What information was not transferred to the new system?

Thankfully, this was a much smaller list:

  • Any alerts you had set up. The new online banking alerts system is different enough that you should set up new alerts, if you have not yet done so. Go to "Settings" and click "Notifications."
  • Certain business banking capabilities were lost temporarily as we transition to a new business banking system in the future.

How can I report bugs?

The system alert link at the top of the Dashboard screen will tell you if there are any known issues that we're already working on. There's no need to report a known issue.

But if you discover a new issue, please use the online banking "secure message" system. Provide as much details as you can about the problem and your report will go directly to our eBusiness team for immediate attention.

Thank you for your patience as STCU works hard to provide you with an online and mobile banking system for the future!

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