Shared branching

Access to thousands of credit union branches worldwide

As a member of STCU, you have access to dozens of "shared branching" locations in the Inland Northwest and thousands of credit unions worldwide.

A shared branching location is a credit union office that agrees to handle financial transactions for members of other participating credit unions.

That means you can complete most transactions at a shared branching location just as if you were visiting STCU. 

Try it! Shared branching is FREE to STCU members. Some locations are open on Saturday!*

How to use shared branching:

  1. Visit the shared branching location of your choice.
  2. Present your account number to the teller.
  3. Show a piece of U.S. government-issued picture ID.
  4. Complete your transaction.

Quick Drop instructions
When making a transaction through a shared branching Quick Drop box, please include the full name of "Spokane Teachers Credit Union" on your check, deposit slip, or other forms and instructions. This will ensure prompt and accurate recording of your transaction. Some credit unions do not permit Quick Drop transactions.

Each transaction you make will be automatically recorded on your STCU account statement, using the same technology that keeps track of your ATM transactions.

Inland Northwest shared branching locations

All the branch locations listed below are available to members of STCU under the local shared branching agreement. All you need is your account number and government-issued ID to visit any location free of charge.*

Global Credit Union

  • 2401 W. Wellesley Ave., Ste. F (Shadle Shopping Center)
  • 9329 E. Montgomery (Yoke's)
  • 1520 W. 3rd Ave.
  • 726 W. Riverside Ave.
  • 107 E. Spaatz Road, Fairchild AFB
  • 1410 W. 27th, Kennewick
  • 4905 Road 68, Pasco
  • 245 W. Appleway, Coeur d'Alene 
  • 3640 E. Seltice Way, Post Falls
  • 117 N. Hill St. (Yoke's), Kellogg

Numerica Credit Union

  • 303 E. Lyons
  • 1916 W. Francis
  • 2202 E. 29th Ave.
  • 301 N. Havana St.
  • 722 N. Sullivan Road
  • 2802 N. Mayfair St.
  • 405 E. Farwell Road
  • 1210 S. Hayford Road, Airway Heights
  • 450 W. Bosanko Ave., Coeur d'Alene
  • West 3115 Kennewick Ave., Kennewick

Potlatch Federal Credit Union

  • 476999 Highway 95 (Wal-Mart), Ponderay
  • 3031 E. Mullan Ave., Post Falls
  • 3050 E. Mullan Ave., (Wal-Mart), Post Falls

PrimeSource Credit Union

  • 428 Third Ave.
  • 9707 N. Nevada

Spokane Federal Credit Union

  • 601 W. Mallon Ave.
  • 1212 West Francis

Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU)

  • 12209 E. Mission Ave., Spokane
  • 2523 W. Northwest Blvd., Spokane
  • 205 E. Sr 902, Medical Lake
  • 1500 N.E. Terell Mall, Pullman
  • 405 Bishop Blvd., Pullman

United Health Services Credit Union

  • 613 S. Washington St.

STCU branch locations

  • 106 W. Nora Ave.
  • 707 W. Main Ave. (Skywalk)
  • 820 E. 29th Ave.
  • 5711 S. Hailee Lane
  • 4727 N. Division
  • 207 E. Hastings Road
  • 8703 N. Indian Trail Road
  • 13501 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane Valley
  • 13211 E. 32nd Ave., Spokane Valley
  • 2201 N. Madson Road, Liberty Lake
  • 2718 First St., Cheney
  • 202 W. Walnut St., Newport
  • 3903 E. Primrose Lane, Post Falls
  • 6704 N. Government Way, Dalton Gardens
  • 477181 N. Highway 95, Ponderay, Idaho

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How the network works

Shared branching locations are owned and operated by local credit unions that have joined the CO-OP shared branching network. As a member of the network, they agree to handle financial transactions for members of other participating credit unions at no charge.*

Your membership and account remains at STCU when you use a shared branch, but the network lets you access your accounts and conduct business at hundreds of shared branching locations.

*Normal fees for certain products and services may apply at non-STCU branches. Some participating credit unions do not permit shared branching transactions in their Drive-Thrus. We recommend that you ask first about any potential fees before your transaction is processed at a branch.

Supported transactions

  • Make a deposit
  • Withdraw funds
  • Get cash
  • Make a loan payment
  • Transfer money
  • Get a statement printout
  • Pick up traveler's checks
  • Purchase money orders