Stopping spyware

Check your computer for harmful intruders

Spyware can significantly slow down your computer, inundate you with popup ads, cause mysterious problems, and even steal your identity. To prevent further infection, you should consider one of the following free programs:*


Spybot-Search & Destroy



Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware

After you cleaned your system of spyware, you'll experience more enjoyable online travels to and other websites.

Bandaging your Internet Explorer*

If you'd rather keep using Internet Explorer, but want to avoid future spyware and popup problems, try this:

  • Raise the security level for the Internet Zone: Tools >> Internet Options... >> Security, and set the level to High.
  • Block spyware from being installed using a program such as SpywareBlaster.
  • Use more secure and capable versions of Internet Explorer such as AvantBrowser.
  • Toolbars for Internet Explorer that add popup blocking and more include: Google toolbar, Earthlink toolbar, or Navigation bar.

*STCU does not endorse any of the software described on this page. However, as a service to our members, we strongly recommend that you consider your available options to protect yourself from exposure to harmful spyware.