Text for an ATM

30,000 places to use your STCU debit card

Avoid ATM bank fees by texting for a surcharge-free ATM on the CO-OP Network.  

The network serves members of STCU and other participating credit unions who need cash, want to check balances, or other transactions.

Choose from nearly 30,000 surcharge-fee ATMs nationwide. That's more ATMs than some of the nation's largest banks operate.

Follow the instructions below to text for the nearest ATM. Or, to learn about locating surcharge-free ATMs with an iPhone app or on your GPS device, visit the ATM locator website.  


How to text for an ATM

As a member of STCU, you can text on your mobile device to locate the nearest surcharge-free ATM. Here's how:

  • Determine your street address or zip code. (If you're driving, please pull over for safety before texting.)
  • Text your zip code, or street address and city, to 91989. 
  • You'll receive a prompt text reply with the nearest surcharge-free ATM location.
  • To see more locations, simply reply "More."

Note: If your texting skills are limited, call the speech-enabled ATM locator at  (888) 748-3266 (same as (888) SITE-CO-OP.) Simply speak your address or zip code into the phone and the network tells you the nearest ATM.

Co-Op Network does not sell or solicit your number. You will never receive any unsolicited messages by using 91989.

The ATM locator is a free service provided by the CO-OP Network ATMs for STCU and other participating credit union members. The network, however, is not responsible for text charges that your mobile device provider might charge. Please check with your service provider.